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The birth of Tiny Hearts of Rockwall...


Women wear many hats;
women have many names.

She was born Gabriella Peer and became Gabriella Sullivan 28 years ago, but that was just the beginning of her journey…


At 20, her name changed to "Mom." She has carried and treasured this name and role through seven children of her own, born from 1990 through 2007. She surrounded them with love, inspiring creative passions through music and song. 


Technology has always been one of her strongest intrigues and interests. From CDs and the newest stereos in the 1990s to the heightened ultra-tech of today, she has always been a pioneer in the field of making her house the ultimate smart house. 


In 2011, she upgraded to a new name again: “Geema”. Now that her babies are having babies of their own, her family tree has grown from nine to over 20 with spouses and grandchildren.


As her youngest baby, Carter, approaches the end of high school, he’s about to embark on his college career and leave the nest. It is finally her turn to choose a new hat and a new name: "Entrepreneur."


This dream of opening an intimate, family-oriented ultrasound studio has been ruminating for years, but she always placed the special balance of motherhood and family first. Now, she’s taking a leap of faith and following her heart to put YOUR family first and create a space for families—by families.


At Tiny Hearts of Rockwall, we understand that motherhood is a journey full of excitement and wonder, and we want to help you cherish and celebrate every step along the way. As a place for moms run by moms, we prioritize your comfort and joy, and we are honored to be a part of your intimate first moments of motherhood.


We believe that creating new life is a beautiful process, and we want your maternity ultrasounds to reflect that same beauty, comfort, spirituality, and warmth. That's why we offer the ultimate ultrasound experience with our state-of-the-art 4D fetal ultrasound technology, giving you a sneak peek into your baby's movements, expressions, and precious moments in real time.


We take pride in our family-friendly ultrasounds that allow you to share this unforgettable experience with your loved ones, including global streaming opportunities for distant family and friends. We also offer keepsakes such as professional, high-quality images and movies to cherish forever, reminding you of these beautiful memories for years to come.


Our mother's room provides an intimate and safe space for you and your family to enjoy the ultimate ultrasound experience without clinical thinking or limitations. And with our wall-sized flatscreen, you can see your little one enveloped in love as you watch your 4D ultrasound together.


We believe in celebrating life, love, and family, and that's what we bring to every peek-a-view. At Tiny Hearts of Rockwall, we're more than just a 3D/4D ultrasound studio. We're here to help you create beautiful and unforgettable memories during this special time in your life.

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