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Tiny Hearts Pregant Lady In Brown Dress 4

4D Deluxe Peek

One of our BEST packages! (26-32 Weeks)

Mission Statement

Tiny Hearts of Rockwall provides the ultimate 4D/HD experience that
creates family bonding through top-quality ultrasound imaging giving you and
your loved ones memories for a lifetime.

We're mothers... supporting mothers, becoming mothers!

Why Choose Tiny Hearts of Rockwall?

Our studio provides a comfortable, relaxing environment so you can enjoy the experience of seeing your baby come to life on the screen. We understand that pregnancy can be a stressful time, so we strive to make your ultrasound a positive and memorable event.

Peek a View for Your Tiny Heart

Bond with your little miracle today

Being pregnant is a unique and cherished period in your life. Your body and emotions undergo various changes, some of which may persist through your pregnancy while others may fluctuate through each trimester. Tiny Hearts of Rockwall specializes in providing the ultimate family-friendly ultrasound experience for expectant mothers and their families, offering a sneak peek and creating a memorable bonding experience between you and your unborn child. Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced sonographers create realistic 4D/HD ultrasound images that make you feel connected to your baby in a truly amazing way. 


Erica Blair, TX

Today I was invited to attend a prenatal ultrasound experience with some friends who are expecting twins.

I am an OB/Gyn Sonographer with 20+ years of experience in the field so I am extremely critical of the use of ultrasound in its ability to adequately and accurately diagnosis fetal anomalies or issues that can arise during pregnancy.

Today, I have to admit that I was totally blown away!!

Historically, I've never felt as though there was a place in the field for "entertainment or boutique" sonography because as a professional in the field, I have first-hand knowledge of the fact that pregnancy isn't always a bed of roses. There are so many things that can and will go wrong. However, seeing the smile on the face of my friend and the comfort in their heart when they got to see their babies just simply move around on the screen was really impressive and to me that experience was priceless!!

The customer service you provided was top tier, and the environment was absolutely phenomenal!! Top of the line equipment and technology was also a plus and only adds to this amazing experience.

I'm still a huge advocate of the use of diagnostic medical ultrasound for the detection of issues, but my mind was changed today about its use for entertainment purposes because it definingly has its place in making the soul feel good.

I have loved every minute of my career, and I would tend to think that the love of OB/Gyn ultrasound had molded me into the woman I am today, but this experience has possibly stirred some new thoughts in my head about my future in the field.

Thank you, Tiny Hearts of Rockwall... you have set my wheels in motion.

Here's to wishing you many blessings and so much success in the future.

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